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Garage Door Cable Repair Cost | Garage Door Cable Repair Cost USA

Garage Door Cable Repair Cost, Gate and Garage Repair

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With garage door repair scams springing up around the country; we wanted to make sure homeowners have a good understanding of garage door cable repairs and how to easily diagnose them. We also want to give you a general idea of what you should be paying for each of these repairs. It’s important to have a general understanding of home repairs. Also it’s it important to know the garage door cable repair cost.

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There’s many home repairs that you can go ahead and DIY, but fixing the garage door isn’t one of them. It’s important to realize the benefits of having a professional to come and fix your garage door system. Having professional door repair is definitely worth the cost.  Hence, a professional door technician can ensure the necessary repairs done correctly; and make sure your garage door system runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Garage Door Cable Repair Cost | Garage Door Cable Repair Cost USA
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The cables on a garage door are attached to the bottom bracket and are coiled around a cable drum for garage doors with a torsion spring. For garage doors with an extension spring. The cables attach to the bottom bracket, go up over a pulley and then go through a pulley on the extension spring.  You’ll also have a cable going through the middle of the extension spring, which keeps the spring from flying across your garage if the spring breaks.

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The cables help to lift your garage door, without them your garage door system is incomplete.  Cables are under high tension, so it’s important to call someone experienced to fix the broken cables on your door.

Garage door cables cost around $15 each and $30 for the pair. We recommend getting cables installed or replaced by a professional door company, so you would include the service/installation fee.  The total amount you should spend on replacing cables should be in the range of $90 to $115.

So, the when you think that it’s time you need automated gate repair services, don’t hesitate to call Gate and Garage repair company.

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