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Your garage door might be safe for your car, but it’s taking damage over time. Electronics age, and homeowners often find themselves with dysfunctional garage door remotes. Every so often, you should check your door openers for bugs and quirks. If any electrical problems get out of hand, they can easily become long-lasting problems. Below are the main reasons you should get a check-up, or even replace your old garage door.

Is your garage door moaning and groaning? It might be an old model. It might also have outdated components. Modern garage door openers are almost silent, but age-old openers can squeal with years of overuse. So, check your opener’s noise level, and make sure you’re not leaving it to degrade.

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Nobody wants to be locked out during a power outage. Older garage door models have emergency pull latches, but these mechanisms can get stuck after years of use. However, newer models have battery-powered back-up features. Even if your old electronic door opener works, it might not save you during an emergency. Aim for the peace of mind.

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Replace Your Old Garage Door | Replace Your Old Garage Door USA
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New garage door opener models have associated keypads. If you want to open your garage door from the outside, you should consider getting a simple, programmable keypad. Thus, a keypad widens your accessibility options, giving you custom security options.

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Any garage door opener made before 1993 may lack safety reversal mechanisms. These mechanisms use two sensors – each about six inches above the floor – on either end of the door. So, if any child passes through its light beam, the door stops and reverses. You should replace your opener if it doesn’t have this feature, as all modern garage door openers are outfitted with them.

Old garage door openers can be hacked. Today’s thieves are a smart bunch, and they’re creating digital garage door openers out of toys. Fortunately, you can upgrade to a modern digital opener which defends your home against these tactics. While the chances of theft are small, they certainly exist. Don’t take any chances.

Se the when you think that it’s time for you to replace your old garage door, don’t hesitate to call Gate and Garage repair company.

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