Wheel Type Gate Opener

Wheel Type Gate Opener

Different Sliding Gates

There are many types of sliding gates and track varieties that a sliding gate can run along. These gates simply slide in a number of different ways. The track could simply have a groove and wheels located at the foot of the fence could easily move along. Also, there are Wheel Type Gate Opener that act similar to trains and train tracks whereby there is a groove down the center of the wheel keeping it on the wheel track. When operating it is important to take care of fingers and other limbs. As they may become trapped within the moving parts.

Manual Sliding Gate

For a manual gate to operate a person needs to be present to unlatch the gate and slide it across the track until its fully open. When it is moving along the wheel track it is important. To make sure the track is free from dirt, objects and debris as this will inhibit it from working correctly. The wheels will become locked and the it will no longer move along the wheel track. These manual types are really useful in keeping your premises and vehicle secure as they act as a barrier to moving in and out of the site

Electric Sliding Gate

Electric gates are more commonly see on business premises and more importantly homes. With the aid of a remote control device or fob the electric barrier will move backwards and forwards to allow the person to access and exit a particular premise with ease. Electric gates allow the person to gain entry without exiting their vehicle and are regard as highly secure. Many people around the USA prefer this type of electric system hence there reasons for getting them install. They are class as state of the art technology and it is recommend that many people should get one to secure their property.

These electric gates are attach to a chain which is attach to a motor. The motor is what powers the electric barrier to move backwards and forwards along the track. It’s important that debris and large objects are remove away from the track as they can cause the track to jam or wheel to break.

Keeping your sliding gate working

Like any moving object the moving gates are exposed to wear and tear and can easily become damaged overtime. As it’s important to regularly service and inspect the sliding gate as well as move debris away from the wheel track.

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